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Great news a new litter of  Measki Cairns 

 Bibby & Fergus are proud to announce the safe arrival of their litter on Friday 29th March. 4 girls and 1 boy. Bibby will be 3 in the summer this is her first litter and she has taken to motherhood really well!  I will be starting a new file on the gallery page to watch the pups as they grow. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me as usual all the pups have their forever families from my waiting list. 

Cairn Terrier Bumble

Brief background information of the breed:

Taken from 'Our Friend the Cairn 1932' One great advantage the Cairn possesses is that he is extraordinarily adaptable

Whether he is kept in a flat in town or on a large estate in the country he seems to thrive equally well. He can maintain his health and spirits on the minimum of exercise or go through a long day's country sport without flagging....That is still true today.


  Your Puppy:

I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder (Click on Kennel club logo at the top for more info)  Our puppies will have been born & reared in our home, as part of the family, and will have been raised to the highest possible standards with love & care. I rarely have more than one litter per year so we all look forward to their arrival with great excitement  They will have been bred for temperament as a top priority, with beauty and breed standard a close second. Pups will be used to all household noises and be well socialised by the time they are ready to leave us at 8wks, prospective owners will be welcome to view the pups from 4wks. I take lots of photos as they grow and will email owners so everyone can enjoy watching  their progress. Our new owners will be provided with a full puppy pack, 5 generation pedigree, KC 5wk free insurance, toys, food & their  blanket. All pups will have had a full vet check and been regularly wormed, they will have had their first injection prior to leaving at 8wks. I am also a qualifed 'Peddy-Mark' mirco-chipper so your  pup will be micro chipped before leaving. Please ask for more details. 

These are all genuine writings from my puppy families

  • Freya - Freya is the most loving,  intelligent and wonderful companion I could wish for. I have had 7 cairns since getting one for passing my 11+ she out shines all the others. I obviously have adored the others but there is just something exceptional about this one. She can tell you what she wants whether it is to go out, to play, walks or food she gets the message across. Thanks again for breeding the most adorable cairns.
  • Sasha - All think she is a gorgeous chunky teddy bear 
  • Angus - He is an absolute treasure. He is gentle and playful and finds everything an amazing adventure.
  • Gus  -   He is so brave and bold. his new best friend is 8 st alsatian!   
  • Jessie - This little puppy has changed my life,  everyone loves her and she loves everyone, thank you so much  
  • Callen - He is adorable and the most loving and affectionate little man you could wish for although he can be Captain Chaos or Naughty Norman at times!
  • Daisy - Our little Princess
  • Flora - She really is the most adorable, loving little dog and she hasn't a bad bone in her body. I absolutley love her to bits she's my little shadow
  • Benson - Thank you for such a lovely puppy
  • Bonny - Living up to her name, but my does she like digging holes!
  • Darci - is a very bright little dog with lots of potenital
  • Dougal - he is cute & fun & so affectionate
  • Elvis - We love our boy! Can't imagine ever being without him
  • Florence - she has just charmed the vet, so cute cuddly and naughty!
  • Murphy - he's a brave litle fellow & will try and befriend anyone he meets -human or doggie!
  • Lurach - we love Lurach for her cute little ways and loving nature
  • Doris - our precious Doris is a gorgeous little dog
  • Jake - thanks for everything, we have a little cracker here, with a right little character starting to come out
  • Polly - Polly is doing really well and seems very happy, she's very affectionate, loves a cuddle and running round the lawn!
  • Wilf - he's adorable, so very very well adjusted & brave, he's a credit to you and your hard work over his first 8wks of life
  • Little Isla - This little jewel is doing everything right - cherised by all here, fit as fire & mischieviousness own self!
  • Sasha - is very pretty and loved by everyone who sees her
  • Rosie - She is a real delight and very affectionate which I am sure is a Measki trademark.
  • Benji- He’s a credit to you he had such a good start in life – we love him
  • Dougal -We are so happy with him - he's the best dog in the world!
  • Lola -My grand-daughter and Lola fell instantly in LOVE and became the bestest of friends, she is such a devoted little dog, loved by everyone especially my elderly neighbour
  • Benson - He is the love of our lives, he means so much to us.
  • Lottie - She really has such a sweet disposition and is such a good girl MOST of the time ..we all love her to bits.
  • Ben - Exploring his new world and loving it! Will keep in touch
  • Rascal - Everybody loves me!
  • Mac - could I say that we really appreciate the amount of time and effort you put in, taking care of MAC in those early days and involving us in his progress. It was really appreciated and we can't say enough about your hospitality. He loves being with people and is adored by everyone he meets
  • Rockie - He loves his toys and all of our friends have been to see him, he loves their attention, licking faces and rolling around! We are having a fantastic time with him!
  • Pepper - We are really enjoying having her and every day she makes us laugh!
  • Fraggil - No matter what we do or where we go, she just fits in, she's such a happy little dog and everyone loves her.
  • Georgie - They think I'm so cute & full of mischief (aren't all puppies - I can drag a whole bag of shopping right across the kitchen already!)
  • Buster - Buster is an absolute star and a joy to have around the house


Temperament - Referred to as "big dog trapped in a small dog's body" Cairn Terriers are adventurous, intelligent, strong, loyal, tough, and full of fun. They are certainly not a delicate lapdog. Like most terriers, they love to dig after real or imagined prey. They are protective of their families, and will defend their territory with devotion, but they are also people-oriented and are friendly with everyone they meet. They generally do well with other dogs.

They've been called "the best little pal in the world." Cairns  are best  exercised on a lead, as it is virtually  impossible to train a Cairn to resist the urge to chase squirrels, rabbits, etc. Walking is excellent exercise for Cairns and their owners. A brisk walk daily, on lead, is ideal. Although small in size at nine to ten inches at the shoulder with weight ranging from thirteen to fourteen pounds. Cairn Terriers are gentle and adapt well to children and are very suitable family dogs, but will not tolerate mistreatment. They are not usually problem barkers, but will bark if bored or lonely. More information about Cairn Terriers can be found at


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